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Commitment Standards

FCV United  Travel Soccer Player

Player and Parent Commitment Confirmation

Recognizing that soccer is a demanding sport, and that playing travel soccer requires commitment and dedication, we hereby choose to accept a spot on an FCV United team. All players and parents should be aware of the commitment required as a member of an FCV United  team. The team is a year-round team and will train at a minimum of two to three times per week and play league and tournament games on weekends in the spring and fall, along with winter 
training   commitments. That means that any other sport should be secondary to soccer training sessions, games and tournaments during these seasons. The number of practices and games will necessitate a very high degree of dedication and commitment on the part of players and parents. Hard work and commitment are qualities needed to excel in any sport. We expect our players to have that type of approach when participating in the programs FCV United  offers. By agreeing to accept an offer to play on a team in FCV United , a player is promising to give their best efforts to participate in every event the team schedules. That promise will greatly increase a players chance to become the best player possible and to assist the team in reaching its goals.

PLAYER Obligation
Soccer, like any other sport, requires commitment and dedication to become a great player. Just being on a team roster will not make me a better player. I can maximize my improvement as a soccer player and as a teammate by being an active and focused participant. As a travel player for FCV United , I agree to:
• Have fun;
• Make soccer my priority sport for the fall and spring seasons;
• Be responsible for knowing about club and team activities and updates by reading team and club 
emails and checking team and club websites;
• Be on-time and attend ALL practices, games and other team events and notify my coach in a timely 
manner if I will be tardy or unable to make a practice, game, or meeting;
• Attend ALL team league games (including school break weekends), tournaments (understanding many 
occur on holiday weekends) and State Cup play (Saturdays) - if my team plays in State Cup;
• Listen to and communicate with my coaches;
• Focus and work hard during all team events;
• Practice soccer skills and conditioning on my own in order to be the best I can be;
• Accept my coach’s tactical decisions (player positioning, play time, etc.);
• Respect my teammates, support them as a team member, and only give them positive encouragement;
• Agree to abide by all club, league, tournament and other event codes of conduct;
• Have a positive attitude and never quit; and
• Always behave in a way that is a positive reflection of the team and FCV United .

PARENT Obligation
As a parent of a travel soccer player on an FCV United , I agree to:
• Be encouraging, supportive, and positive regarding my child and my child’s teammates, avoiding criticism and negativity;
• Be responsible for knowing about club and team activities and updates by reading team and club emails and checking team and club websites;
• Attend and participate in all team meetings;
• Help my player meet team and club expectations and commitments;
• Assist my player to be on-time and attend ALL practices, games and other team events and make sure to promptly notify the coach of all scheduling conflicts;
• Commit to my players attendance at ALL team league games (including school break weekends), tournaments (many holiday weekends) that my teams participates in;
• Treat all parents, opponents, officials and coaches with courtesy, respect, and good sportsmanship;
• Support the coach, the team, and the Club and not interfere at any time with the duties and responsibilities of the coach;
• Accept the coach’s decisions (playing time, player position, tactics, etc.) and not be detrimental to a positive playing environment;
• Accept the team placement of my player;
• Not disagree with or criticize coaches, officials, parents, opponents, or club officials in public;
• Voice all questions and concerns directly with the coach or club officials in an appropriate and adult atmosphere;
• Honor all financial commitments associated with being a member of FCV United : pay all Travel Program and Team fees; turn in all required forms and purchase club uniform kit by their due dates;
• Comply with the rules, policies, directions, and procedures of the team, administrators, and board members of the club as they apply to me; and
• Represent FCV United with values, principles and ethics of the highest standards.

Please note that regardless of the payment method, each player must be registered online. Registration is not considered complete and players’ passes will not be issued until payments are made.

All payments must be receive by the 10th of each month. Failure to pay for more than 2 consecutive months will result in the player pass being revoked, and $15.00 late fee will be incurred per month. We can only set up the credit payment option in your account.  If you choose to pay by check, your account will be adjusted after the check has been received.

Travel Commitment: All players and parents should be aware of the commitments required as a member of FCV United . The team will train two to three times a week as well as playing games on the weekend (spring/fall), and will have various winter training commitments.  I understand that my child’s commitment to FCV United Travel Club is for the entire soccer year. I also understand that should my child decide to leave for any reason, I am still responsible for any monies owed to the team and/or club to cover all known expenses for the seasonal year prior to my child leaving. In accordance with VYSA policy, approved April 2012, players may be released by the team for non-payment of club or team fees. Team may release player from the team roster for failure to meet financial obligations as outlined in VYSA Registration Manual (5.27).

Travel Program Refund and Transfer of Funds Policy

Club Registration / Club Monthly Fees: Acceptance of a spot on a travel team is a commitment to the club and team for the soccer year. As such, only in special situations such as family relocation or a season-ending injury prior to the start of the season, will the Technical Director review the FCV United Travel registration fee refund requests. Any refund request for the FCV United  Travel Soccer registration fee or monthly fee must be made in writing to Lynne McMillan [email protected] and your head coach. The request must be submitted three (3) weeks prior to the player’s first official league game in the fall to be considered.

Team Fees (Paid directly to Team Treasurer): A team budget covers league/referee fees, tournaments, winter leagues, indoor training, futsal, etc. Team fundraisers and donations become part of the team’s total budget. A team budget is determined by adding up all of the costs for the season and dividing by the number of players on the team.  Players and parents are expected to fulfill their commitment to the team. Any money remaining in the budget at the end of the season will be used to offset the cost of the team’s budget the following season. There are NO refunds for a player who chooses to leave a club before, during or at the end of the season. There are NO refunds for money earned via fundraising (from sponsors, etc.)


*Financial Assistance:
 FCV United would like to give every child an opportunity to play. Financial Assistance is available to families that provide documented proof of income, letter of hardship and documentation. Recipients will be required to participate in the fundraising events and programs to help offset the cost of the program. If approved, scholarship will be applied after approved payment amount is received in full.

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